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THIS IS A COLLECTION OF POSTS FROM COURTNEY ON HOLE.COM THE WEBMASTER JUST THREATENED TO DELETE THE WHOLE THREAD BEFORE THIS LEAKS TO ANY IMPORTANT MEDIA OUTLETS, SO I'M MAILING IT TO YOU ALL. IF YOU BOTHER TO READ ANY OR ALL OF THIS, IT WILL BE DISTURBING. SHE BASICALLY SPILLS THE BEANS ON A WHOLE SHITLOAD OF THINGS, REFERRING TO A BOOK BEING WRITTEN BY SOMEONE IN THE NEAR FUTURE THAT'S GOING TO SAY ALL THIS ANYWAY...SOME OF THE HIGHLIGHTS ARE: She claims people at a funeral home danced with Kurts dead body while listening to Pearl Jam while people sat around and drank beer...and that these same people carved the word 'fag' into a dead mans chest.... She gives details about the events leading up to Cobains suicide, including Kurt trying to contact her at the Hotel she was staying in, but the hotel managers refused to connect the call to her room... Plenty of other decide how much to read, and how much of that to believe...and this is long as fuck!

The Problem with Krist

Dear Krist I was concerned as to why this story took on such a "sexy" life this weekend- I know how to handle stories very well - And the no comment mutual agreement we decided on Thurday was decided- as a matter of fact i was very assuring to Jill she should waste zero time on it- i know how to make these things go away by leaving them be. it never fails- so as the story grew i knew there must be a leak- and th eleak has priven to be you- going back on your word in the very forst instance of your new resoltuion to " try to see what can work" I could have spun this and told the truth and very much embarassed you this weekend but i did not- it would have hurt the catalogue of Kurts songs to take this to the public. I also know that NO ONE WENT PHYSICALLY intot he Seattle Courthouse-at any time- including the first break of the story. I also as of tonight now know that you have been speaking "off the record" with reporters at the P.I. I also know that until at the latest this morning maybe even late this afternoon your site "murky slough" held not only your "declaration" but also other disparaging things about me and my family- was linked to the PI s site. perhaps a MONTH ago int he face of the judges decision would have been a wise time to take this down from your website? In your own( now public ) words- "this case is about who was in the band"- as i think you realise that may be true if you were trying this case in the local cafeteria of Spin Magazine 1996- but it is a true and total absurdity in a court of law- as anyone with Civics Class knowledge will tell you. this case is about sidemen who were "in the van" but own nothing but artists masters telling someones wife and heir what to do- when they tell her at all In discovery- the years of disrespect- libel- slander- bearing false witness- sleaze- not copying me or putting the input of the family into anything will come forth- your mothers and daves mothers bank accounts versus wendy O connors and John SIlvas will come forth. it will be ugly. when you made the quote " i wonder what Kurt would think" you can wonder all you want= but the law decrees that you have no right to act upon that. You formed a false "llc" when i was stoned and grieving- for years ive tried to work it out privately and you wouldnt allow that. Then when i prove that not only am i willing to take this all the way and strip you of any more power you may have to hurt Kurt ( having hurt him for so many years in his lifetime and having treated him like shit- and turned your head on his medical condtions and simply boorishly yelled judgements and declarations insteadof helping me to get him fed, seen by doctors, stop touring, you forced the entire situation on me- his wife- a situation i dealt with to the best of my ability because i am his wife and love/d him very much and these things were my duty) and even AFTER this slanderous business"shes a bitch so - you know like- bitches can't be wives your honour" as usual bullshit defense- wich NO judge of ANY stripe is going to hear as legal argument i am gracious enough ONLY because i like Jill berliner NOT because i value your input wich can only be TOTALLY destructive as youve proven time and time again with your ranting against exactly the ghosts wich dont exist while permitting complete ignorance about the music business itself- to allow us to graciously discuss a way where you will still maintain some dignity- have input and in no way be publicly embarassed. i do this also out of concern for you. marriage like blood is a sacred institution in this country and the slander and libel (jersey films lie, Moulin rouge lie, how you are discreet with press lie, silva doing a good job lie- every sentence LIE) you just put me through and then LEFT UP ON YOUR WEBSITE has forced me with no other option but to take this to trial in December. because you can not be trusted on even a simple thing like this You cannot keep your word and Jill cannot control you to not hurt the catalogue. I will inform Yale and Jill in the morning. This behaviour is pathological, and i know as do we all what causes it, years ago i had to go into a 12 step program it was VERY hard to do, and it was the best thing for me- my ability to stay off of narcotics has brought me many blessings and i would hope that for you you will seek help for your alchohol issues wich are only going to in the end destroy your life. Sincerely Courtney Love Cobain

they fired the first guy but they never firef the rest of them i forget the name bliese funeral home? is that it? blaights fineral home? anyway they didnt fire anyone else theyall probably stillwork thier will smart- houston texas-a ttorney at law- call anjdsay "im from time magaxine and i just ofund out about he cobainincident and werew about to bust your chain wide open and ihave one question for you will why did you torture his mother? why ddint you do the right thing>? you saw the evidence the tapes- why did you not pay damages tothis women and have the dignity to not ell her what they were for? how oculd you sit in a room going "ooh shes abitch waut tul i gether ont he stand" the salem witchtrail defense and not havethe ethice to take care of the boys mother? ask will this wait tell him" im doing an expose on the other ase in tacoma( this was the same chain they did sor tof the same thing with a female congresswoman they danced with her and posed her in pornoi shoits he rname i THINkwas dixie) about your whole chain- noone will turst you when im done with you- why was your boner to gety courtney love in stand sao you could talkjabout ehat a bitch she is supersede the damnages you should have quietly paid mrs oconnor without casuing her an image that will haunt her for the rest of her life" calalhim someone lie and scare the shit out of will smart "i am going to th presifdent of your conpany and im taking this vanity fair fromn six years ago out about your practise of cremating the wring people and overcharging for extra fees and all the corruption and its going to make you fired and suck all becasuse yopur witchtrial boner superseded any ethics you may have had- you are abillion dollar a year compnay will- why didntyoujust give this greiveing mothera stipend- she didnt need to knwo why- whmaybe willsmarts biner for this will come back to haunt him charge the long distance to me i an tfor the life of me remmeber thebaem of the chaain butthey are the biggest funeral home chchin in the us - billins a year they ve nbought every mom and pop funeral home and theyve been in big toubkle before but he "fag" was thatnecessary? the lawyer inthe case was seattle lawyer named brian collucio. call will smart thats what you can do for me- make him scared. he KNEW it was no sweat to pay damages bit his sexist evil courtney bitch boner overrode it so hes going to hell i hope anyaya we should delete this tonoght it snot he story i want anyone to hear i was just sad and sick and sad and ims till sad and sick and sad .......he was so shy. she said

i wish i had a xanax i dont have oe and now in oreally fuckeing twisted and sad''']]okay here we are illlt ellyoumore some little shit worked at the seattle coroners office he "volunteered" to accompany the body to the funeral home' when he go there he fressed the body had his friends come and videotaped him andhis freinds dab=ncing weith the body the danced with him then one of them cut him- they cut parts of him and they kept them them he somehow go t ahol dof the suicide note and made tshirts of them then i founf out in areallyhorrible way- somneone had taped this tape of themn dancing withhis body after they shaved his head theres( i cantw atchit) girls sittin drinking beer while thyeplay pearl jam music an ddnacew withhis boddy broken and bloody thye shaved his head okay you wantmore this funeral home is oart of a chain( because edward went thought htis eithme when his moim died he founf out the funeral hime was inthe sam echain and hin andhis briher went there and stayed until she was put int heivern and creamted) the chain is a billion dollar a year business based in houston i decided to quietly and without telling wendy and kim- sue them for ALOT as it seemd every emplyee att hehome dabnced with him and cur him someone cut out his HEART- iwas going to take than money front hese fuckers and just out it in wendys account i knw if i publicied this it would disgrace this poor kid even more one of the guys carved words into him. the word i heard they carved was "fag" okayis this great or what? so apack of lawyers come from housron and in setatle theres noi emotional damages just punitive ones and the lawyer says " i will tak eyou oin the stand for discovery" a nd i bluff and say ": iwill call newseeek there was a vanuty fair artice=le abouyt your insane chainandhow ciorrupt it is" he says "yeahbut i wil get you onthe stand an dmake you tell every dirty bad thing yiyuve ever done" i canthave this onthe cover of time obviiously i say looke gove the mom and sisters a million bicks and make this go away he demands tomeet them they dontknow and i tell them soften the story sa little kurts mom walks intot he deposition room she doesn thear the whole story and still does not know it all- but she just finds out about the dancing withhim it was the queitest i =ever sae her be and the saddestthing ive ever heard another say she starts to weep and she says..... after a long long pause "MY BABY WAS SO SHY" AND the whole roomstarts to cry- and then the houstonlawyer ( hisname is willmsart illnever foregtthat name) says lady ill giveyou 250 thousand dollars right now and wendy stoof up very slowlu and grabbed my hand and said "i dont wan tyour filthy money- not know and not ever" and she leaves the room thats the tip of sad waht would you have me do.? oh babe i=theres more thats sad- thatsup htere buitheres worse stuff too ill delete this in abit and please respect this and dont copy it im really ralaly emotional rightnow becaieue noone knows this outside if the family and charlie and ofcourse krist who blamed me somehow-becaue you now im a bitch willsmart houstonlawyer prank his ass tell him i sent you tell him im a loose fucking cannonand ive gone crazy with repressed misery whatever look him up willmsmart attorney they knew id bnever denigrate his k=mmenory bytaking this to the media while your at it call dr steve scappa in= la and ask him how his : hes not suicidial he justneeds t be seoeratedf rom courtney and frances thing works" hes listed too go on you wan tvengeancde for kurt> get it

CHAD is kurts half brother his fathe ris don this shit DOES matter because io stuffed it in for years and just dealt and now this ass wipe makes this declaration that the judge threw in his face and I made the first move the next day after the judge said its hers not yours goodbye and said what would you liek to do and obviously things will change but i will keep you inthis with me no dave no john no gary just me and you and your lawyer and you can get inpu tfrom dave whatever i just dont want to hear about ti and lets get this ready for christmas but the changes have to be made to wich he said okay did i ask for a public apology? no did i ask for the past to be revisited? no and thursaday someone at the seattle paper found out what had gone down and i said to his lawyer no sweat just no comment on it itll die its tot ocnfusing and they wont figure out what its really about anditll just cruise somewhere into "courtneys martin luther king music war" and noone will know and she was so relieved- and called her client Krist who had the entire time left thsi shit up on his website after making a huge deal about the no comment thing he will always fuck stuff up- he hated kurt- he treated him like shit- i cannot have him around it will never work no dicsions will get made unless of course your a bigger fan of wishkah than youa r eo fany other materail that was krists project i decided to let him do it hi slawyer defended the terrible choices made on there selfish and things Krist ;liked not KLurt- and of course "nirvana" was a band theyve got a VAST amount of money to show fro rit and always will wichis more than hendirxes ( hendrixes guys were also a band and at the time people knew thier names too) as "something he needed to work out" well its indefensible defiling the catalogiue oif KURTS songs- could you repeate that liek amantra please-= KURT WROTE HIS OWN SONGS KRIST AND DAVE WROTE NOTHING HE MADE A WILL HE ALSO DIED WITHOUT IT BEING MORE THAN A DRAFT BBUT IT TOO EXISTS AS A DOCUMENT= A WILL ACTUALLY SIGNED BY US BOTH THAT LEFT WHAT WAS NEEDED TO BE LEFT TO ME HIS MOM AND HIS DAUGHTER AND HIS SISTERS AND HIS HALF BRITHER CHAD\ AS WELL AS PEOPLE LIKE ALEX MACLEOD ( the person mentioning kelly knows that alex was the only fucking persont hat ever other than eric helped me with hospitals and ambulances and the whole other shit noone noone else did and then alex was forbidden to do anything leaving the whole fucking meltdown in my and eric and pat smears lapos) and a few other people in the will people who i have given things to BUT IT DOESNT MATTER BECAUSE I DO THINGS ACCORDING TO HIS WILL AND I CANT WAIT UNTIL WE GO TOT TRIAL AND I GET TO POP THIS DOCUMENT WICH STATES CKEARKY THAT THOSE TWO GUYS AND ANY MEMBER OF MY FAMILY ( think we know who that was i put that in myself) CANT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIS MUSICAL FUTURE supppose i had died first? i almost did once- wonder what that would have been like lots of times i think it would havebeen cooler if i had died instead death cant possibly be that bad- it must be sort of okay or everyoine wouldnt do it so much i bet hed have checked his shit real fast- gotten clean- married someone even nastier and bitchier than me- hehe- who? its sort of a fun game i like to play alot of girls pretend they went out with him- i know drew had this thing about it the birthdaysthe same the basic sweet secret grumpy nature the same- would he have had a winona phase? would he have made friends with cameron crowe? would he have had a movie star girl phase? woul dhe have had a ? who would kurt have dated had he lived? and i died or we broke up? and if iwas watching fromthe dead_ wich i sometiomes think he does ( not into the gavin thing i could feel it) one thing for absouloute natural fact truth hed have dumped those two shits as he already HAD publicly if hehadlived in aminute you know whenever these people say "they wer egtting a divorce" its so sick where do they get this? i once asked our lawyer in themiddle of a fight to get me divorce papers really loud so he could hear me and also maybe stop waving a fucking gun around one thing i know- on that universe of hell we lived in someone was going to die every time i go to seattle i walk by that pizzaplace the last place anyone every saw him except the "dealer" ( charlie cross went and founf the "dealer" she changed her name and works at an olive garden in Portland- she clains she was not the dealer- but im almost positive it was a female- charlie thinks it was arandom dealer of the hill by dukes- he knows actually but hes making me wait until i read the book) i reaslise no way were we ever getting pout of this alive- neither of us wanna know while wer e all sharing how i ended up with tom grant? it was asunday like near easter or something i called the manager - he had split the rehab- i called becaus ei fucking KNEW- the nurse said hed gone for a chest xray fuckin chest xray? i also knew steve scappa the shrink ( whose a total loser and still gets the rockstar junkies but doesnt boither telling them this major FUCK UP of his the ego - this shit head was liek a peacock- HE would control Kurt noone else qws allowed to call him and you know they have this fundamental bullshit thing inthese rock n roll junkie couple things i would like to warn all of you who ever get in a codependent relationship about "we have to split them up" BIG fucking mistake so heres this nurse shes telling mechest xray? chest xray? i fucking knew Gibbhy haynes was in there- i knew all the dealers except downtown of course=- iw ent o Nilers house _ he was ajabberjaw guya nd our neighbour when and this is a rich one when nevermind was number one- like eminem scary famou snumber one we lived in ashitty apartment near Canters it was mall and sick i had just gotten a huge amount of cash froma deal i had made andthats all we had a couple hundred grand in my formerly ninexistent city national checking accoun t so we live don that go tour dope money our food money anyway- we read in the wall street journal that Nirvana had "made Geffen records over 100 million dollars so far" i found it and Kurt said- fuck this and took a cab to Silvas office i told him to gfet Silva to find us a sublet in MALIBU ( a sort of other part of the song- if you were following my swordfish ex bf part i knew Malibu was safe and the dealers would come around less) i stayed home we tooka lot of pictures of each other back then and i for some reasont ook his pictuire when he walked back in the door he was carrying a globe of the earth hed made the cab guy wait for him toi buy and he looks really sad/pissed what happened at the Gold Mountain office? he tells me" i am going to kill Silva" why "Silva is sitting inthere with Kim fucking Gordon and i ealk in and i say look i live in a shithole your about to get a million bucks fo rme in a week- Courtneys got her publishing whatever money we want to live somewhere near the beach and in malibu and we need a sublet" and?<<>>>>>> "silva sor to flooks away and Kim says to me really mean" what- is John your realtor now?>" my jaw wasdropping ont he floor This is a basic service one performs for any client - especially the client that has just mad eyou RICJH when last week you hads House of Freaks - Sonic youth who arent excatly pulling it in despite thier cred and fucking Red Kross whoa s fatr a s i knew had adequete housing so heres Kim this jealous upper middle class bitch if Kurt is to be believed wich unless drugs were the topic with me wasnt a liar at all ( except charlie tells me he made out with a girl at a dealers house when we were married -like i give a shit- id just love to know if he fucked her except when he got that stoned like anbyone who could get it up?_ and i wonder if it wss that lame taco bell chick who posted on here-maybe its true- i honestly dont think making out with someone at the dealers house- priobably the deal;er to get your doipe- counts) telling Kurt that John WASNT A REALTOR! johns a fucking millionare we have stalkers dealers and live in a slium at the HEIGHTH of nevermind did you kick his fuckin ASS i ask Kurt mr pisces man people pleaser hold it inside says noi iwalked out of there then he shows me his hand wich is swollen from punching the wall so i call Silva- "your not a realtor? you fuck your not a what? youy get us the fuck out of here an dyou do it NOW": "mumble mumble" "fuck YOU john" three weeks later john big daddy fuckhead comes through with what? a fucking bungalow in a slum in fucking venice where theres even more dealers- its a slum- we now do have millions and maybe an extra million- and we can afford anything but im calling like "roomate finder" because i dont know how to callrealtors and i dont even know if my formerly shitty and kurts totally nonexistant credit is fixed yet and they are baffled we should have had a nice house in malibu by the beach but you know- Kim says johns "not a realtor" so want more? soo niler was called ratty by most people that was hi snickname and charlie tells me NILER picks him up from Exodus- wich maybe explains some more Erlandson heroics i knew that Eric found an dbeat the fuck out of Niler a gfew years ago but i only find out four months ago because ZCharlie tells me THAT NILER PICKS him up after he climbs the wall and takes him to his house as soon as thhis nurse says chest x ray im like a fucking lightning bolt calling the haed of the hospital in my DSOUL i know ive just missed him but hes GOT to be in la perry farrell? Niler? wheres he going to go? i jumo in a cab and go to Nilers house- i dont know where Perrr lives anymore ( rock trivia btw when Perry lived on St Andrews of the jane says song he was the groovy dope dealer of course on the rare occasions i had the cash for dope i wasnt cool enought to actually go into the house where "jane" lived and perry dealt so id wait int he car while IFiunch copped for us- i also wasnt cool enough to get dope from Fabrice who was the Chili Pepper dealer who "killed" Hillel Sloak- who died because he was an idiot and did dope alone wich- if you watch Jesus's son illustartes exactly why people who do dope alone die and people who dont live) callin geric in seattle and screaming at him to check the airline schedule- the assholes at Exodius wont "confrim" wether Kurst gone= you know interestingly i dont know of one person who went to Exodus and stayed clean isnt that funny? gota have a rehab that doesnt work in la i guess. thye are being dicks but i know "chest x ray" means they cant FIND him Charlie ( cross the guy who wroite the book coming out) thinks Kurt was THERE at Nilers House- now i know why eric stalked him- Eric Niler and his creepy girlfirend are no longer withus here in la but i did recently here his name wherein a certain very brilliant and very fucked up actress that most people who like Hole like alot whose sweet and lovelyu and a fucking MESS asks me int he bathroom at the golden globes if iwant to "go to Nilers house with her before we go to the parties" whoa. ididnt knwo your allowed to be a junkie asn da movie star - they told me you werent- i felt really bad for her mostly oi looked at her tracks and thought how the fuck is Niler still even dealing dope? and why the hell does she think i still do it? lkike id ever stick a needle in me after all this shit. anyway yeah me and charlene tilton- you get it here first i beleiev that Kurt was in the backroom at Nilers- he copped and got on aplane to Seattle you know who was on that plane? Duff Mckagen the guns and roses bassist they get drunk together on the plane and Duff offers him a ride ( another Charlie fact i had no clue) he declines and takesa cab instead I am fucked i KNOW this is FUCKED and the sink is going to fall into the floorboards eric goes to the hosue and grabs the guns and bullets i call SILVA- WHAT DO I SAY KIDS? FIND KRIST AN DGET HIM OVER TO THE HOUSE AND GET ME A PRIVATE DETECTIVE silva- now a rich rich man says " this isnt my job call the lawyer" I call the lawyer= she son vacation i call the hotel fucking concirge HYTSERICAL we dont have priuvate detectives iopne th eyellow pages and JSUT START DIALING and i will always remember this shit the first guy was from 'EAGLE' DETECTIVE AND it houyght he wqas rewally scary- dark little guy the next guy is our man Tom- whatever he looks okay i dont care i nned him to do one thing go to setatle and find this fucking guy NOW he tells me he comes to the hotel im at alot for some hooker business( i cant figur ethat now is that like- blackmailing people with hookers- he teells me some hooker stories i cant remember) hes with some kid of his too if i recall correctly it ell him exactl what to do every dealer- keep one guy at the house and let kurt be= do nbot tryi to get himn to go to rehab let hiKnow i dont care and dont try to stop dealers from being at the house or hell just go to thier house go the carnation house and cheack every room the basement garage the whole thing this idiot goes up there and i have to call the cops because he doesnt- hes too stupid- i tried hiring a secind guy right away as soon as i sent him he was trying toleave the next day and i said no you fucking leave now anyway my door knock sint hemorningits fucking ERIC why the fuck is the ONE person who can prevent this in LA? " i heard youw ere dead and Kurt was here" get back get back on the plane- shit we both looked at each other and i just knew eric went to go get back on the plane then i call Niler to get some drugs for fucks sake and call my mother in law to come take care of my kid and Niler comes or someone of his people and givges me some shitty little bit of drugs wich i do but uits crap and then my arm explodes into a rash of shit want me to keep going? yeah oklay i will so i call downstairs because my arms bloiwng up meanwhile im on a phone with stupid ass fat ss yellow pages Private Investiagtor who is nbot doing what im tellinghim to do anmd the coneirge brings me some benedryl ewich i tak ean my arm stops exploding andf i start to pack and cancel Kurts fucking atm so he cant withdraw anymore money thatw ay he has to call me call the fuckingmamanger again tell him Kurts going to die he now says " well theresnothing we can do at this point" ask him has he called Krist to got he house "krist doesn tfeel this is his resposibilty anymore" knock knock its the fucking COPS west hollywood sherrifs department i shit you not this guy ius named DETECTIVE BUTKES pronounced BUTTKISS i get a traffic ticket from this fucker years later he pulls me and Norton over in w hollywood= walks up to the car and sees me and without one word he turnsd on his heels and runs to his car fucking pussy and his squad concierge boy has ntoiced my state and lets not discuss that i have a hoil dion my phone for everyone bit my hudsband - and a month later i see the ohione bill and on april 3 at 7 something am theres a call from our private line to th ehotel and THEY DIDNT PUT IT THROUGH thats the sweet pennisula hotel where i will not enter ever under any circiumstance- Butkes goe s through my shit and he finds one of Steve Scappas prescription pads that the FOOL left in my room -a fucking dr leaves his PAD in my room! then they go through my safe and steal my pearls and a ring and theres my lawyers idiot ashram ashes the very best day of my life to have idiot ashram ashes from her fool guru that manifests neckalaces and turns them into ashes - thsi si her and her husbands yearly fucking india pilgramige its fucking ashed is ay- yeah right they cuff my ass and haul me into the jailhouse- and im sitting there in the beverly hills police station and i gget this FLASH in my head and i see a FLASH i cannot explaint his an dnoone here really knows me so im just digiutally venting things i dont even talk baout except ti jim and toi edward and to eric but i SEE it an di FEEL it and i know- i know i know i know i know all of th esudden th elawyer appears- a criminal lawyer my l;awyer who has magically appeared -you knwo th eone on vacationthat couldnt find me a real private investigator and she takes ME to exodus now because ilm like group hoime girl noone wants me and i leave frances with her and wai tfo rher grandmother to come and i sleep and i wake up and the television is on to the hospital nature cancer people station theres a wren and a sparrow in a golden field its jsutiimages you watch while you die and i go to touch the remote but i dont - soemthing stops me- i just dont change the channel- im in th ehospital not th erehab part- i guess i just need to be in a hospital i dont know and rosemary walks in my room and she looks dead and i scream. and scream. and scream and i think its an overdose - because eric took the guns out and i dont find out its noit anb iverdose until way after all the rest of you know whatthe fucker did and thats almost the end oh yeah except steve scappa the idiot wont give me a valium- hes still you know"incontrol" because hes odne suych a GREAT job of controlling this insane situation and i get a lear jet and grab my fucking kid and walk intot hat fucking greenhouse and fuck you are tjhose assholes even relevent to this story anymore? shall i tell you what the people at the funeral home did to his little body? shall i? yeah well i fucking wont - shall itell you what the peopl,e at the coroner did to his hair hi stoenails his clothes? his pubic hair? shall i? you havent seen SHIT how about that. --------------------------------------------------- sad? no man those are justthe happy parts the sad parts are worse. thos are just the clips and hurry and actiona nd facts the sad parts are worse and gross and dirty and make me wonder if there is a reason to even exist sometimes because god is an atrocious piece of shit to let some of the things ivge seen happen and maybe there isnt a fucking god whatseover. sick bad things sick sick EVIl things evil in ways that are too evil to even poist eevn when im braindead fucked okay you want it? ill fucking tell yoiu mode even then i have to pull back from telling anyone the SAD parts why the fuck dont i have aneedle in my arm right this second i dont know but some nbight si wish i still knew thos epoeple and if it wasnt for the person sleeping upstairs id be dead- but other than edward or drew who would i leave her with jesus fuck- and oh yeah by the way i agree it should have beenme instead- no shit. how many times a day do you think i wish i was dead? and then i try at LEAST to make myself useful like career suicide might be useful anyway to someone somewhere fuck it

------------------------------------------------- Courtney goddamm president Registered: Jun 2000 Location: but im rich Posts: 406 IP: Logged 07-02-01 05:55 AM profile | | email | url | search | buddy | edit | quote --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hairshirt with fleas again- yikes no those guys DONT have the tapes Eric went through the house and i have th etapes= although one tape turned up stolen from my home during kurts funeral thats one of the tunes in question NOW lets get this staright- from the supreme court to judge judy - there sint a discussion- someone dies their shit goes to thier family- it doesmt go to anyone else kc didnt have apartnership withthose guys and he didnt want one thats number one number two- the mor eoutragous and lame part if jill emory, caroline rue, melissa aufder mar, jason everman, chad channing or any ex member of any band tried to have precendence over my husband or child in the event of my death in any decision to do with the songs i wroote ( in kcs case he wrote 96% of the Nirvana songs youve already heard and 100% oif the ones inmy- MY- safe deposit box) i would have love dot no tonly put out a boxed set ( wich is a bout 80- 100 bucks and too much in my opinion but a) but also an album of these songs-like 12 tracks period it needs to be done correctly and as the heir to this stuff its my responsibilyt to see that it is done correctly ima lready loaded( for bear when i read some of this inane garbage you kids write- did you see too many tommy hillfiger ads today?) and its not a financial issue although for SOME people it is ( kurts songs that he and NOONE else composed every note and every lyric of and arranged) thie rprincipal and sole source of income- most of Kurts money goes intoa trust for Frances and the rest goes some to me and alot to his mom and two sisters Id like to see that amount to not only themom and sisters but also to chad Coabin increased and id like you to look at Kurts MOTHERS bank statements ( when i give her money wich obviously i do or buy her a house becaus eof tax laws i oay the friendly irs 51% percent of that money) and compare them to Maria Novaselic or Virginia Grohls bank statements those boys have 10- 15 million in net worth for songs they didnt write- thier moms have ranches and nice spreads and i have alot of mouths to feed with Kurts money. In the nistory of rock and roll it has NEVER occured that Elvis or Trents or Billy or My sidemen( and yes they were in a band and yes theyplaye on those records- just like the members of nin or elvis's longterm players inthe case of "nirvana: kurt was "punk" enough especially sinc eKrist had stuck with him to givehim a piece of the rock rather than some salary but he also officially and legally denied any dosrto of patrnership while living- so whoever said he didnt - he did unfortuantely it was overlooked by my attorney at the time but the doicument he wrote stating this was unaceeptable exists and will be brought to court) nothing liek this this lame hasd occured and i dealt withthis privately for a long time espeecially in the light of the whole foo fighters thing dave has a band wich sells a bit not alot but some eboiught o have him obviously wan tto continue his career im not th eone guilty of trading on nirvana- yet i have to put up witht he hairshirt sexism that i am- im a fuckingmegalamaniac- id ont enjoy the power of men-= ask my last boyfriend- a huge movie star who i had to break up with because i could not take the whole way we wer ebecoming kidman/cruise of our circle and if elt people were tryong to give me parts to curry favour with him my whole being was"fuck here we go again" and as much as i loved and still do love thatguy i want nothing to do with being a power couple i went ut withthe movie star for THREE years and NEVER ONCE walked down a red carpet or allowed myself to be photographed with him publicly the whole thing was so disatsteful to me the only time i allowed that in my marriage was when the city of la was trying to take custody of our child away from us and so we went to some mtv thing the three of us because the editor of the la times who was tryoing to help us said " give me a fmaily outing picture" i hated theidea of allowing my kid to be photographed and i hated the idea of being phoitgraphed in public with my husbdan - because i hatethat shit in general- but i did it and it actually worked=t hsoe social services people left us the fuck alone anyway youve built a myth around me aneagtive one- i have alot o negative attributes- i have in fact ashrine to the goddess kali- but the myth you kids have built over there in your kurt reverie is soi off it couldnt be mor e off- and its torture havung to deal with it call me awhore vcall nme a bitch- iw as raised to expect this and i "asked for it by being aggressive and coinfrontational as a and one of the only female rockstars i knew this woul d happen since i was FIVE years old but what i never expected becaus ei was raisede by a feminist ina feminust household was to have to enfdure that males are more important that i was or any one with oivaries is i see this occsasionalky but i saw this inthis thread im not adressing the author=- shes too stupid " kurt had a drug problem - courtney PLAYE D on that? excuse me? is this liek the insane person who posted about some imaginary van with imaginary slashed tires? this si shit- its real deep shit- and dave inparticular has used this shit-knowing a certains egment of dumber an dill informed and not aware kids would "protect"" him fromt he witch i had a severe and terribel drug problem too- one i dealt with -0 the way krist needs to deal withhis alcholism his wife- who iw as glad to have around as she was rational and kept him in check left him she couldnt take being pshyically abused ( i only heard this and wasnt there for that butthats the word in seattle) and couldnt take the drunkenness anymore i didnt want this to be a public dispute- to priotect all invived but its turning into one understand this young lady i and my family "own" kurt - thats estate law for dummies we are trying to get this music to YOU- again in TASTEFUL manner with deals that deal fair to the family and to i might add r krits and dave Universal Music allowed a sample of Teen SPirit to be used on a german dance track called "Monstersound": it went ot number 18 ont he German charts- this is contractually forbidden- andf they are trying to pay me off to get me to shut up abou tit- but they cannot be trusted with one of the jewels int he Universal catalogue and they need to give the masters back- of course this is a nobrainer- and any lawyer can see we have a real opener to make sure Universal does nbothing else ( such as sell songs to cookies and mcdonalds and pepsi all things they would do ina heartbeat if i wasnt around torpotect this) but if i force thehand of Universal well then te hands ont hepuppet strings of the FooFIghter promotional budget at Capital ( same managers and same lawyers) might punish dave mightnt they? its not a questiont hey threatened already so is he compromised? of course he is am i? NO why? number one i dont give a fuck these fucker dont scare me and im happy to go be a field nigger and leave the big house- fuck them and fuck the hundreds of thousands of artist they screw and leave with no teeth and no medical benefits that includes Kurt who should have been sent to fucking Mustiique or Maui and taken OFF the road- and they just couldnt stop coul d they? ask me( or better yet get the book next month) about the time those dicks charged into rehab four days into a detox with some coked out MTV employee we were all fond of at the time- her job? "hoindling" ( a sort of jewish word for manipulating) Nirvana- then other bands sahse was "friends " with and eventually did drugs with Bush etc until she couldno longe rpull this shit and got fired they ( those two guys) marched her into this hospital where theman was dying the ONE day i went to the gynocelisgist and left him alone and begged himt o break his rehab amnd play the MTV awards- and she said "oh if yuou dont playill be fired" and they said " you gotta do it" so he ran from rehab and of course he did dope and then they acted like he was a leper- even though he couldnt MOVE fromt he pain i once grabbed the sleazeball manager in dublina nd dragged him across thehall by his fucking HAIR into our room- there was a skinny broken dying man on the bathroom floor puking bile- he was in morepain than God should ever give anyone " is this a fake NOW you FUCK" i fought so hard ot get that guy oiff the road and they always convinced himthat he had to do it or the worlkd would fall apart hed lose his standing they wouldnt chart etc etc etc or ho aboput ROME you little conspiracy brats now thatyove got me FURIOUS ive put up withthis shit for almoist a decade and maybe i should just take this to fucking trial so the irrefutable facts of gross beglect will be PUBLIC RECORD where at 7 am when i awake to a blue faced rigor mortis DEAD person who took every rohypnol he could find with a baby in the next room and i call tot hese fucking italians downstairs screaming andf then i call the MANAGER and i call well i dont know why biutit hought maybe it would be APPROPIRATE the other crew and BAND members was rtther ONE response fronthese asswipes as this guy is DEAD- my friend lover father of child? noi they allr an screaming and i went yto the hospital alone- im surpised i even had the luxury of childcare gee thanks was there a visit to the hospital as this guy DIED and miracoulsy did NOT> from any of them? hellno you know who got on aplane? his mom and ERIC and PAT SMEAR and manymany hours later the manager where were these assholes? scared inthier rooms while thier writer singer and leader was in an oxygen tent and his cvhild was with soime italian hoitel nany can you imagine goiung throught his shit and then listening to you litle fucks whine and whine andyou know--the sick thing? Kriust and dave have known for years all the things they could say to make you kids shut the fuck up- why dont they? it owuld hurt thier power base woulnd tit? the very jocky dumb fanbs even THEY hated then( although dave the jock has reformned this as your his sole means of small time support but tits KURTS SONGS taht bought his mother her ranch in virginia) are the ones whot hey depend on to say these stupid things over and over again you know i didnt wsan tot take this to any judge becaus eits a no brainer- noone can form apartnership over onepersons property period in any state in any year on any planet but in some ways maybe its best to get these FACTS on publci record- eeveryine knows yet theres a wall of silence even sean and paul who produced live throughthis and were there for most of the writing process never say anything- they never say anyone wrote it but me but they are never MEN about it and say when doinf interviews of the momnst succesful record theyve both made a cou[ple million on- they never say" well courtney and eric wriote it we saw" its sick- that one ive nbever figure out i once started trying to write them a letter but didnt = as my waspy ex boyfriend once told me "iots beneath your dignity doint bother" but it stillpisses me off what do THEYhave to gain? K and D are just GREEDY for power over something they legally and totally have ni power over- you can opine all you want -= oit doesnt matter someone dies- someone inherits their shit that someone is me and my kid end of discussion- llc is biogus was formed in a bogus manner and this is demostrable- but why the LTT producers? is this a feminist thing? THEY know too and yet they never stick it in any interview- why?any smart or academnic feminsts reading this tell me why? is too fun to let it sit? they KNOW and think of poor erics emascualtion he wont address it because hes abuddhist and he says the truth will out and the truth is out edward nortons klate grandfathe rused to say " when the nail is taller than the rest they try to hammer that nail down the smallest" ie- my present Boyfriend Jim was backstage withthe manager- someone he had been friendly with at Harvard-i dont remember this biut this is when he said he "fell in love with me" apparently iwalked in with amassive steaming plate of "macoroni and cheese"( this was Nirvana show) only it wasnt what Zkurt had demanded when he agreed to do this fool tour- i should have done the fucking tours and out him ion an island with frances and some good painkillers and some paintbrushes and clay and i didnt- so i walk in withthis "mac and cheese" and its got fancy pasta and PIMENTO and PEPPERS in it- its NOT Kraft macoroni and dumba ssed cheese- no fuck that- fuck the giuy whose paying us 200=300thousand a night with an ulcerated stomach who throws up bile almost every night-lets just eat our upper middle class newfound riches rock food and NOT feed the fucker who makes us the cash- and apparently i said without yelling" Silva- this is fucking unaccpetable and you have a =na rtist who cannot move and who has not eaten in two days ebcaus eyou ass wipes wont gethim van de kamp fishsticks and fucking kraft mac an dcheese" Silva shrugged - he rolledhis eyes at my now boyfriend and said as i left ) to go to the STORE AN D GET SOME FUCKING FOOD FOR MY HUSBAND WHO MADE A MINT FO RHTESE ASSHOLES SO I COULD FUCKING MICROWAVE IT) "see wahti have to put up with jesus" my NOw boyfriend claims and i believe him becaus ehe smy boyfriend that he nailed SIlva and said " oh fuck you john - your th eone making money off him whyis ther pimento inhis fucking fancy pasta" silva says "its what the other MEMEBERSOF THE BAND WANT" yweah you thinkt hat over you little shit and wonder as to why we hid in our cave i hate revisiting this shit but you go tme pissed- dead man at my feet- hmmmm- call the tour manager? other members of the band? get an ambulance? for dead husband? IDONT FUCKING THINK SO last time me and lkurt saw dave he came over right after frances was born and kind of looked like the popular guy whod just been caught ina real gnarly predicament= hsi meal ticket was fucked up and his wife me- the one you know hed tried to pick up and declard he was going toFUCK three years before- was a mess- hejust backed away i can stills ee him backoing out the door - backwards cos hes a yellow livered coward and you knwo what else? this asshole husband of mine killed himself with a gun- an act if such total and complete RAGE and potency in itsown narcissitic sick and- you know ANNOYING way- and you would take that act away from him? its his act of masculinty of taking his power of RAGE- and you make him into amewling fag who couldnt even take his own LIFE? its sick let him havehis fucking dignity with his own selfishness and rage and possibly ( in my opinion) brain damage from the near forty minutes his brain had no oxygen in rome and he was never the same for the next/rext of his time- and who the hell ever said that a junkie has to not be a junkie? what would you rather have? a junkie who is functional and is alive and living or a dead person thats the puritanical tyranical message he recieved when they sprung thier fucking intervention the one where dave was MISSING anyway anyway this wil get covered in charlies book and i wont have to ever havethes estupid discussions again when i asked my boyfriend whu that made him love me he said "because i thought you were fierce and i thought you would killanyone who hurt your family" i aske dhim idf i was yelling or anything inthe mac and cheese silva incident he tells me i was actually reasonable and not even rude wichid punched the fucker why dont you ask Kurts MOTHER what she thinks? or is she as Krists mother saoid to some friend in olymoia- "she was alsut in high school and shes still aslut" thisis rich coming froma Novaselic whose son barely stuck in aband with Kurt and made him pay every step of the way why did Kurt sleep in the emergency rooma nd under a bridge? because KRIST wouldnt let him sleep at his house thats why shut the fuck up- sometimes i think he deserves nothing his idiotic richmother who lives off kurst songs callingmy mother in lae a slut she has some part time job at the bin marche and kuyrst sister kima nd me want to go inthere and PUNCH her anwyway enogh indulging your bullshit im pretty fucking strong biut this is years and years of this bullshit i became a fucking nurse and i wasnt equipped fo rit really do ithink he would still be alive if i had grabbed him and taken him to an isalnd somehwere? fuck YES and i have to live iwthhese assholes and how they ran thier "intervention" every day of my life and even more so a kid who never met her dad- so fuck fuck fuck these assholes my daughter fuckingcried today about it - out by herself in the backyard as she does a few times aweek and she si the inlky kid in her class without a dad and she canteevn remember him so FUCK YOU i can feed myself fine- i get paid- but even if i could not - it snot your business if you think im a "bitch" becaue kurt was pretty much a bastard and so we were very well suited thanks plus he was my best friend plus jocks like you drove him nuts. thats a natural fact. plus noone of these people= Krist especially considering he was with Kurt a long time- heled him towards the end OPatty and Eric and OPat Smear did that- that includes 24 hour patrol for three mohts straight keeping the ods a[=put of the paper keeping the suicide attempts and there were alot out of the paper- does the drummer in nine inch nails have that? i hardly think so this was a simple case of one aspect ( a partership agreement totally illegally foremd by a smsrt lawyer while my lawywer who happened to also be Kurts was out of her mind grieving and flipping out and freaking- she had arranged his interventiona nd had a nervous breakdown right after his death-s hes okay now but for a few years she was fucke dup she didnt thinkt o deal with this woman and maybe she was worried i mightnot opuull througjh whatever the case thier lawyer - Jill- who i LIKE an awful lot outsmarted and illegally formed an llc/partnership- it hasnt fucntioned- if i say LETS PUT OUT THE BOXXSSET- they say- no- i can still put i tout but im polite or havebeen unitl now and have felt the same stupid gen x "oi well dude- they were int he band" finally a smart lawyer looked at this thing and started laughing "what is this piece of shit its totally illegal! noone forms an llc based on one persons powenrshipo!"

hmmm how loud do ineed to shout again please cram it its not one song= its 120 tapes of songs- songs that you havent heards and that havent been bootlegged there are many many many songs is that really clear now? things you havent heard; theres 8 krist and dave "nirvana" songs 6 eric and pat smear "nirvana" songs and a vast amount of 4 track and 8 track solo acoustic "nirvana" songs covering 120 something tapes with differect types= everything from cassete to 24 track songs thats called a legacy for my family- and my daughter. BY THE WAY ONLY ONE PERSON WROTE EVERY WROTE OF EVERY ONE OF THOSE "NIRVANA" SONGS- THE SAME WAY TRENT REZNOR WRITES "NINE INCH NAILS SONGS" OR ME AND ERIC WRITE "HOLE" SONGS OR BILLY CORGAN WRITES "SMASHING PUMPKINS SONGS" ONLY MORE SO. is that c l e a r ? cl More Love madness folks Highlights: Courtney bitching and ranting and raving about 'joining her side' of the playpen in the effort to build the site...talking shit about the boxset being so expensive, while she'd make it cheap, going to far as to put it up for free as mp3's on That about sums it's the drivel or the poignant rants from a depressed decide: do have it and my duaghter has it and upon my death his mother and sisters have it go watch the godfather those other two guiys didnt write anything hmmm- shoul dchris vrenna and robin have power over Trents music should james iha have power over Billys music or should Ylenna and his mother? should ringo have power ove rJohn lennons music? or should his wife and son? duh duh didhduh and then the botom line is this isnt a question i had it when i wen tinto court i went into court not simoply for the bogus"partnesrshi[p'; wich gives kris and dave pretty nmiuch not much of anything and remember these guys have a net worth of 10-15 million buvcksa apiece for thie "contribution" ie abandoning thie rbandmate etc i wen tthere because universal is a mess and i need to be able to proctect andsereve the leagcy and the sonsg and i dont need daves sleazeball mamanger using nirvana songs dave didnt write as levergae in foo fighter negoitiations i wan the boxxset for 20-30 bucks thois guys want it for 80-100 bucks yikes the golden retrievewr just farted and it really smell

ill just give it for free to anyone i like and kurt would have liked and the rest if you can pay 500 dolalrs fro it or you could get some really cool sweet 75 and foofighter outtakes pick a side and dont be stupid kurt was my best friend not yours and not his lame bandmates other than pat smear who he loved so be real careful about truning his suicide wich was his defiance his rage and his STUPIDITY too into an emaculated fag joke let him have his fucking dignity ir a tleast RAGE wichis what suicide is ( a shrink tells me gun to head is grief and gun in mouth is RAGE) you take that rage from him everytime you emasculate his choise to do this asshole thing wichis undoubtaedly and obviously an asshole thing i didn tmarry a corpoiration and i didnt marry an invalid i married A really really funny son of a bitch who was the most ambitious person ive ever known one ot htehtongs im doing now is a starting nirvana .com the real one where you guys can hgear allt he fucked woirred cassete stuuff( for FREE and idea that thoise other giuys were way unhappy with) andnot an artist direct site ( wichis wher ethe foos are and theyd get bonuses and links if id be afucking tard and do it there so foo man could have more chits) but one built by fans run by fans were also - now that this shit is over doiing a book on random house of all his gross out boy comics and all his funny insane rantings and all his sweet juniour hugh skool; fake band drawings and writingf and stories and love letters to tracy and tobey( ill keep mine tomyself thanks) and the insanley fnny 20 verses written lyrics to every song including teen spirit "were loiunge singers from las vegas hgere we are now entertain us" and his hysterical letters to record companies begging for his big shot wichis the stuff that makes melike him and some of our nastyletter fights where wed have who wrote better lyric fights and they are vficious and funny fcuk you i rule ni fuck you i am the king ni fuck you i am the queen im doing this now becaus eits fun to see people see him as he was and would have wanted to be seen himself not hti sdistorted passive saint person wioth no balls and no sexuality the way you people talk its like he had a three inch dick no story there-0 theman was HUNG - so dont take away the fact thathe actually had a cock knew how to use it and was the worlds sickest kisser you forget he was the best FUCK that ever walked- slam you against the wall and beat your ass fuck- amazing noone is as goods in bed as thatguy was you know the way he played guitar- yeah like times fifty he wasnt some fey mamas boy- hewas a man- not a child and not an emasculated being anyway ill pu tit out now that these assholes are off my chest and the fofifghters are not a concern of kutr ( GOD he would have hated that so fucking much and dave knows it titally-his shame is waht makes him write these inane songs almost all thier subtext firget the courtneys a bitch ones are i m bette rthan kurt i am i am iam the dave stuff has him spinning not the fact that i got my saggy boobs unsaggied0- he would have thought it was cool- as far as your jesus guy hating hollywood? hello? theyoffered hima part in "the new age" and he was jumping up and down he met cusack and wanted ot do a movie with him hemetgus van and wanted to do a movie with HIM he loved theidea of being a movie star- period somneone posted in another thread one of themnore sick evil nd vile things this evening "whyshould wendy have mor emoney than krist or dave smom" FUCK YOU IDIOT BECAUSE HER SON WROTE EVERY CHORD AND ARRANGED EVERY WSONG AND WRIOTER EVERY LYRIC thats like asking why the drummer in hendrixes bands mom shouldnt have the smae a s hendirx go to high school take a civics class- wacth the godfather and be HELPFUL here we want to start a cool and ahve it be great and have stuff thatnoone else has so dont piss me off with this bullshit get tohgether with yourselfs have apowwow and stopinsulting hima nd me and our kid( some other asshole posted i was uh,,,teaching my daughter to be a SLUT?) id say that fine young person ill getyou rip addresand make sure you have to pay 600 dollars for a boxxset do not insult my family- think twice-leave me alone gve theman his dignity respect thati run the show and help us helpo you get the kurt songs you want ever hear"the son" its magical ever hear"opinions" itd funny and sad ever hear" ivy league" its sick ever hear me and kurt havinbg a cuss out contest while singing where did you sleep last night an dlaughing our asses off? itsd funny ever hear the pat smear eric kurt songs? theyre genius wanna hear em? then help us build oiur site get together and banish the bad people kurt would have hated who call me a whore and his daughter a slut and take away his final act of rage- suicide is not sonething we shoudl do but un its own totallyu selfish way thatstuck me with all this bullshit it was his act as a man- letsuse it to help other kids not do it lets make a forum where kids cxan talka bout drug use and depression in a real way without being judged or harassed or talked down to lets prive what the internet dotocme greedheads didnt get that fanbs can build and run a site way better than corporate fuckers lets think about whatthe artwork should be-im open to anything cooland want this to be outby christmas lets thinkabout how tohandle thatthis guy ius dead- hekilled humself and how di we apporach that as a agroup without it beinbg gross? whawould be tastefula nd kurt approved funny ways to do it>? UNIFY WITH US T OMAKE THIS WORK OR LISTEN TO SHIT THAT SWEET 75 MAKES OKAY? do you kids ahve a ckubhouse? hold ameeting- because there will b free files and stuff noone else has and good fore=ums for discussing suidical thougts and real answers about heroin speeddd coke crack etc not some bullshit loveline fake dr drew answers but real answers and answers as to how you can be a great fuck and also a feminist too go convene0 monitor yourself do you arent insultingmeor my kid or kurtsmonmand lets put an effort in to hoe the corproiate assholes that fans can do this themselves you can email brooke with artwork and suggestions andlets get the oficial site iwthfofoicical treats up and running and i dont LIKE playing widow and i dint want to do it iwant YOU to do it anbdleave us arty snarky smarty funny bitchy girls here at hole alone so we can go beakc to discussing hypoatianad shakespeare and the quest if the feninine befre your rudely intrupted us are you someone KC would have wanted as a fan? if yoiu arentinsultung his family your halfway there kc was not some bullying mysinginsit jock he liked me best int he worlkd and i him and as ive said fir everuy bitch inch i am he was eevry inch bastard so we were erresllay well suited stop turning him into something he would have depised you for unify and come back to us without his errant attitude or well run it and we wont let you in degrading me or francxes or wendy or kin did i reallysee a "nirvana" fan oin here tonight calling kin cobain a "dyke" honey you need otbe athe rtist direct limp bixket site- were picky we like nirvana fans whoa re up to standard an dno you cant be in our club if your a sexist conspiracy theroy n=homophobe lameass so UNIFY if your fans and figure out becaue im th enly ine who can build the nirvana .com and i want your help. so help- every piece if shit bullshit nasty remark is only tearing apart whohe was give him the "dignity" r at least gravity his final act deserves stop talking baouthis dyke sister and his slut mother and his whore wife and his slut ( 8 year)od daughter whatis this ohenomonen? you can register with brooke and shell check you out but unify make some rules you dot break your going tohave sine faith in me as i pu ton the loathsome wiidow hat in the pursuit of prtectingthe bext friend and best fuck ive ever had theres alot to do want toput and callme names and fuck thingsup aor as fans want to put some faith in me and brooke to helpus make site thats really yours exanibe your sexism carefully- kurt was the best friend other than edward and jim an dmilos forman ive ever had- he realkky was cooland funnya nd wicked-celebratethat and respect thathe was my best friend and stop the madness of your anger and craziness- your going tohurt himand take away whathe loved sure tjheres always fgoign tobe soem crackpot "shes a whore ahse a bitch" nightmare perosn its your resposibilty ESPECIALLY IF your ihn nirvanaclub t o helo us make thissite magical and secaila nd helpfula nd cool its up to you- goo d luck and chinese food cl

then just help brooke buil d sgreast site we can have it up in the month just unify and stop tryijg t do you r kirst and dave thing- thr jufdgement passed its over- ther would be mo builot by yiu guys if i lket thier sleazebag guys pu tit ojartist direct to sell you shit'] ksit and dave and cahd and ajson were all oin nirvana treat then nicelyliek bandmatres should be treated i am not he shouter here inthat scene btw- kirsat id th shouter and imnot quitig himn now but the marxism/anti commercialism? iknow what kurt would haqve liked shit is over the fans can - the real fans- can build this site with NO interference from me the sit isnot about me we at hole are the amrt cunty girls and boys and some ar enirvana fans and some arent we like to talk about feminism, poetry, tea, film, good rock etc OH theres another greatthing inthe kurt box i just remmebered( theres six boxes of whiw wiritng) its his topo100records of all timeits sso funny krist and dave wer egttoing ready tot rade to a sleazy oplace not run by fans brooke has this all figured out and now do it i reallyappreciate the support stop whining baiout krist in= will always try to givehimn his say- he know sthat- hes justtoounpredicatble and destructive ' he sint aLLOWED to destroy kurts tapes and he isnt allowed to turn a blind eye while GAS tried to renogotiate foo figjhters using nirvana as keverage dont worry about that worry about Kurt whow as ":nirvana: kust sole stuff iahe+ nirvana kurt weithpat and eric and patty+ nirvana kurt with eric and pat+ nirvana kurt byhimself doing all these acoustic songs_ doing nirvana i appreciate whatyou guys are trying too do and you dont have to :kiss my ass" or whateverr passed for being cordial and unifeid toget something you and i both ewant done just don t stick up for them- they are rich theywillhave u=input esp krist they just wilkl not run the show and hurt it it should be run by FANS like thisisteis and i APPRECIATE very very muchthatyour making ther efofrt tonot hurt me or my family just dont discuss the k and d situationa dn trust me not to hurt krist either''i could have many tines but i keot hin =m invoilved-so just chille he just has toichnage the strcuture and benmonitored so nothing precious of frances's daddy gets destroyed thats all email brooke shes got a total plan we can have thius up and running within the next twoweeks and it can be a democarcy run by YOU GUYS ANOT ME it snit my site- but i will protect it oaky? so fo t he cool ones thanjs for the truce saty where youa re and have sone faith thatthis guy was my best friend ill ever had and iuwll do whatever it takes toprotect him and the music he left behind. i swear tot hat cl

hey idiot youd have HAD your boxxset and a new"new" nirvana album three years ago if they hadnt treried tgo trade up over atthemanagement for daves foo fighter renegoitiaiton ' and so you understand there is no question about ewho owns what legally and totally me an dmy family own everything if anything this was more of a fight with uniuversal than anything but also a fight to predvent a repeat of the wishkah live record wich was an idiotic disaster the law- the law honey has been decided and id lov eit if you got your boxxset and any other stuff froma dead person as soon as humanly possible as has been my position for a long time why dont you investiagte instead of talking out your ass i read your post and its obvious you want me to read soemthingwhrn youve doneno homework ' thissi about alot of things mostly its about universal and the fact that there are forces at universal who would thrrow this out liek a piece of slop if they dont respect even no doubt, beck. th ewallflowers, sting u2 over there why would the president givce nirvana any fucking marketing and attention? hes like a mad caeser over there and hes on al;l this ritalin and whatever shit hes on im looking for sonmeolace else in the universal system other than interscope to put it out but john gary and grohl ( who has zero publishing repeat that liek amantra= no more than the drummer of nine inch nails who was also a good drummer) want to trade up on th eboxxset sweetening thie rown deals and imperiling its existance would you like to poay 100 bucks fo rit or 20>? becaus eid liek it if you fucking paid 20 bucks god hairshirt with fleas headless stump chit fuck lice lice lice carrion of worms and licve and death death yawn your fuck handheld oxygen shelf is there a god? can i polish his knob? hey antionette! eat your cake and burn yoru bitches at your steak. MAY I USE YOUR OWN WORDS KRIST "THATS A NIRVANA SONG- KURT WROTE IT" ALLNIRVANA SONGS ARE SONGS KURT WROTE HIS FAMILY OWNS AND HAS ALWAYS OWNED THE SONGS HE WROTE WICH IS ALL OIF THEM "THATS A NIRVANA SONG" SAYS YOUR GUY "BECAUSE WHY" "BECAUSE KURT WROTE IT"" CLEAR BONEHEAD


Unknown said...

I think I’m dumb
or maybe just happy
think I’m just happy… ~ Kurt Cobain Quotes

Atarian said...

oh not 2001 again.

john said...

what other body parts did youse guys cut off?

Tricey4Christ said...

So many misspellings in this rant and runons she really had some things to get off her chest.

Unknown said...

I respect the fuck out of courtney

J Roc said...

Courtney Love is one sick, psychopathic murdering whore-cunt. It's actually head scratching how anyone can believe she is "intelligent"? She obviously is heavy into hard drugs and rambles like the psytotic whore she's always been. How could anyone fall for her constant lies is beyond me!? Really... Ask yourself who benefitted the most from Kurt's death and who is caught in the most serious lies? It doesn't take a rocket scientist here. Courtney paid someone off to "SUICIDE" her then (about to be her well documented EX - HUSBAND as Kurt was about to cut her off the will and everything), husband to gain all of the multi millions of dollars, assets, etc.. That would not have been given to her had he lived and simply divorced her. Don't ever forget her first husband (the other "ambitious musician") that she attempted to BURN ALIVE while he was sleeping. This is also well documented. Her own Father (Hank Harrison) even admits in his own writing (and current social media) that Courtney is not only capable of muder but IS thee murderer of Kurt Cobain! Once you connect enough dots (and believe me there's plenty more dots), it's obvious as daylight what truly happened to Kurt Cobain and it's that Courtney Love paid someone (or others) to murder Kurt with a "hot shot' of heroin (which that itself is an entirely different topic/story), gave him doses of Rohypnol ("roofies"), etc...), Then proceeded to (while knocked out) put the shotgun to Kurt's mouth and pull the shotgun trigger to make it appear as "suicide". This isn't mentioning the lack of fingerprints on the shotgun, the highly irregular handwriting irregularities in the last 4(?) lines of the "suicide" note, the numerous close friends and family (Kurt's Grandfather for example) that consistently stated that Kurt showed ZERO suicidal tendencies towards the end of his short and exceptionally blessed life. Then there's the young beautiful daughter that was brought into the world shortly afterwards, etc... My God. What does it take to see there's enough to see enough fishiness to do another well done ACTUAL investigation into Kurt's death. Poor Kurt 😣

Unknown said...

what a fucking rant

Unknown said...

Knowing what courtney love is I'd say this is fake she's on drugs and rambles about shit she could make a story up about someone and make it sound horrible but what the F is with this chick I hate that she doesn't do anything but sit around and say some shit
I feel sorry for Kurt

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